Ingredient Spotlight – Ceramides

When you look at the ingredient lists or packaging of many topical skin care products, you may have noticed that many brands advertise that they use a complex system of Ceramides in their formula. That may sound great, but you may be left wondering, “Exactly what are Ceramides? How do they benefit our skin?” 

This detailed guide will give you all the information you need about Ceramides and why you should look for them in your skincare products! 

What are Ceramides?

What exactly are Ceramides? They’res lipids, or fats, that occur naturally in the skin. Lipids make up over half of the skin’s composition and serve a vital role in ensuring that the skin functions correctly. It reinforces the structure of your stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, and helps the skin retain moisture. 

If Ceramides naturally occur in the skin, what is the point in including them in formulas or looking for products that contain them? 

As you age, your skin’s reserves of Ceramides decline.  By the time you’ve hit your 30s, your ceramide levels will drop by approximately 40% and surge up to 60% by the time you’ve reached 40. This gradual degradation of the levels of lipids in the skin can lead to exacerbated dryness, a loss of elasticity, and sagginess. In addition, severely dehydrated skin is more susceptible to injuries such as cracking, peeling, and bleeding. If not properly cared for or prevented, these injuries can introduce infection-causing bacteria into the epidermis. 

Your skin is like bricks and mortar.  The skin cells are the bricks providing a shield and strength, while the lipids in between are the mortar sealing and reinforcing the overall structure. Cracks in the foundation, in this case, your skin, can lead to some serious discomfort and injuries in the long run!

What are the benefits of Ceramides?

Ceramides have a wide range of benefits for your skin! It is an essential ingredient to look for if you suffer from excessive dryness or are interested in anti-aging skincare for the body! If you suffer from eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis, you will benefit from adding Ceramides to your skincare regimen. 

Here are a few of the benefits of incorporating Ceramides into your skin and body care regimen! 

Increased Moisture!

It’s critical to retain the integrity of the skin’s acid mantel (also referred to as the moisture barrier) so that the skin can continue to function properly. A weak moisture barrier will lead to an increase in dryness, making the skin susceptible to injuries that may lead to infection. 

Ceramides work to reinforce the acid mantel’s strength by sealing in vital moisture and slowing down transepidermal water loss! The result is skin that is hydrated, smooth, and strong! 

Improves visible signs of aging!

As we age, our skin begins to thin as our natural reserves of collagen and elastin decline. This decline in the skin’s proteins can increase fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of firmness. Topping off your skin’s ceramide levels will decelerate the aging process and help keep the skin supple, elastic, and firm. 

Increased tolerance to active ingredients!

Because Ceramides are so gentle, they can be paired with virtually anything without interfering with other active ingredients’ functions. Because they are so soothing and hydrating, they can also mitigate any irritation caused by more potent active ingredients such as retinol and exfoliating acids. This will result in quicker and more consistent results when using your treatments! 

Want to add Ceramides to your skincare regimen?

While Ceramides naturally occur in the skin, they can be synthesized in a laboratory. It’s not difficult to find products that feature Ceramides in their composition. However, they’re most often found in moisturizers and cleansers. 

Here are some of our most popular skincare solutions that contain Ceramides! 

Our Kimtrue Multi-Functional Ceramide Repair Emulsion Body Lotion is a miracle in a bottle if you suffer from extremely dehydrated and sensitive skin! It contains a complex blend of five essential Ceramides, nourishing humectants, urea, and shea butter! It will soothe away dryness, irritation, and stabilize the “brick wall” structure of the skin! 

Do you dread taking off your eye and lip makeup at night? Most liquid makeup removers can be extremely drying to the skin and even burn when using it! Our Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover will effectively dissolve makeup without irritating the skin. Moringa seed oil will dissolve stubborn makeup, while Ceramide 3 will reinforce the skin barrier and soothe irritation in these highly sensitive areas.

Give Ceramides a try!

Ceramides are all the buzz right now, and for a good reason! If you suffer from chronic dry skin, inflammation, or want to keep your skin looking younger longer, make sure you look for products containing Ceramides!