Spruce Up Your Routine

By Hellobetty Company, Original Article 

Ello, folks. Long time no chat, right? Today I am starting to share with you items that will be featured in the holiday guide as well, but let’s chat about how you can spruce up your routine. I tend to find myself always looking for better products when it comes to my body and hair. So, I wanted to share with you a couple of amazing products that I found are the new routine for me.

Spruce up your routine

First off, let’s chat about hair! Since I am losing mine due to treatments and infusions, I like to find items that really can help my hair out! The new emerging beauty brand KIMTRUE, is my new found love.

Spruce up your routine
I Sorry can’t use the pump bottles. Hands don’t work that way anymore UGH.

Based in Los Angeles, KIMTRUE is part of KT Laboratories and isan emerging beauty brand that sells high-quality haircare and skincare productsfor female consumers. The company uses top-notch, cutting-edge active ingredientsto formulate non-traditional, results-focused products at affordable prices.. KIMTRUE takes pride in being a socially responsible company and is dedicated to helping its local community.

Over the past week I have been using their Shampoo, Conditioner, and their oil. I must say that I have noticed a huge difference in my hair. It is soft and really is not falling out as much, which is a HUGE plus.

One of their products that is new to the line is the Repair Hair Mask With Macrocystis Pyrifera and it is fabulous. I deal with frizzy hair constantly and this is about the only product that I have really noticed a change in my frizz. Awesome right?

Spruce up your routine

So let’s chat about the pits, armpits that is. One thing in this world I hate to do is sweat but it happens right? With SO many different natural deodorants on the market, finding the perfect one that smells great and works can be difficult. I wanted to bring Humble Deodorant on your radar; at Humble Brands, they are committed to using not only the cleanest, most effective set of ingredients but also the fewest to get the job done, 4 ingredients to be exact!
You’ll never find anything unnecessary in their products.

Spruce up your routine

Everything is 100% body-friendly and created with 100% natural essential oils! Plus, with vegan/sensitive options,baking soda-free, and CBD-infused for those who tend to be a little more stinky, there’s something for everyone. 🙂 The Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract used in our CBD products is grown, harvested, and processed from a local farm in Colorado that follows Regenerative Organic Certification practices.

Since we have been having a rather hot start to the fall, I have been using the Lemongrass and sage, CBD bar. I am totally in love with this because not only does it work but not stickiness at all!!!! Winning. Out of all their bars I am going to say that this is my favorite, but at only $9.99, you can really afford to try them all. I can’t wait to try out the Patchouli & Copal.

So this might not be about your hair or body but to help you really spruce up your routine a candle is a must. Another brand to keep on your radar when it comes to your routine no matter if it’s in the bathroom, or just relaxing is, Stella+Bag. They have the most beautifully rounded scents I have smelled in a long time. Trust me I try out a ton of candles. Stella+Bag will not disappoint you when it comes to their amazing selection.

Spruce up your routine

Their number two has to be one of my favorites when I am in the shower or just relaxing watching tv. 02 / Bloom blends together your favorite garden scents, mixing together notes of rose and geranium with the calming essence of eucalyptus. Bloom is sure to be your go-to favorite, full of surprise and delight!

Spruce up your routine

These have to be some of my new favorite products when it comes to my routine and I do wish they could help you as well spruce up your routine. I do hope that you check these out and do look out for our holiday guide coming soon. All of these products would make amazing stocking stuffers.