Soft Shiny Hair!

Growing long, strong hair is all about balance, consistency, and diligence! 

Healthy hair growth starts from the scalp. If you're experiencing issues with your scalp, it increases your chances of breakage at the root and premature shedding! If you need a good scalp treatment, check out our previous post

If you want to grow your hair to a longer length, it's all about retention! To retain length, it's all about preventing breakage in the hair shaft.

The ends of your hair are the most fragile due to their age and exposure to damage over time. The cause of damage can be obvious such as exposure to hot tools or even as inconspicuous as friction from rubbing against your clothes. It can even be as simple as using low-quality products that don't provide your hair with what it needs. 

To grow long, beautiful hair, you need the right products to build an effective weekly regimen to keep your hair soft and strong.

This helpful guide will help you choose the right products for your hair type!



Shampooing your hair is an essential part of a healthy hair regimen. It cleanses your scalp, removes build-up, and removes harmful bacteria and fungi that can cause itchiness and flaking.

However, it's also beneficial for the hair shaft. It will remove excess styling products that prevent your hair from absorbing the hydrating treatments that you apply.

Kimtrue offers two different shampoos that will keep your hair clean and fresh!


Frizzy hair?

Do you have frizzy or fraying hair? Then, check out Kimtrue's Amino Acid Shampoo with Sea Salt

This gentle shampoo contains Provençal sea salt, reducing the scalp's oil secretion over time and supporting the scalp's moisture barrier. In addition, Thuja Orientalis extract, Vitex trifolia, and Gentiana extract will improve the vitality of the hair follicles while reducing itchiness and inflammation of the scalp. 

It does not contain harsh surfactants like SLS, AES, or SLES. Instead, it uses a combination of sea salt and amino acids to cleanse and purify the scalp and hair gently.

Take the recommended amount of shampoo into your palms and gently massage it into the scalp and hair strands. Rinse thoroughly. If your scalp is extremely oily, we recommend shampooing twice!

Use in conjunction with Kimtrue's Seaweed Extract Hair Conditioner for best results.


Dry, damaged hair?

Do you enjoy coloring your hair? Or perhaps you're experiencing excessive dryness? Then, Kimtrue's Amino Acid Shampoo with Keratin will become your holy grail.

This shampoo doesn't contain harsh cleansers that will strip the hair. Instead, it's formulated using our patented M-Clarifying System, which uses alanine and aspartic acid surfactants to gently dissolve scalp residue without stripping away the skin's natural moisture.

Hydrolyze keratin, collagen, and silk peptides will penetrate the hair shaft to provide strength and restore smoothness. In addition, Royal Jelly essence, Lanolin, and Squalene will deeply nourish the hair shaft, making it softer and shiny. 

Take the recommended amount of shampoo into your palms and gently massage it into the scalp and hair strands. Rinse thoroughly.



After shampooing, you should always follow up with a conditioner. Conditioning the hair will help it retain its elasticity, preventing breakage or split ends.


Banish frizz!

Say goodbye to frizz with Kimtrue's Seaweed Extract Hair Conditioner. When partnered with the Amino Acid Shampoo with Sea Salt, it will leave you with soft, shiny, and smooth strands.

The Seaweed Extract Hair Conditioner has a high penetration and absorption rate for deep repair to the hair's core! It's formulated with Bladderwrack which provides deep hydration and soothes dryness. Hydrolized wheat protein will also provide strength by repairing structural damage to the hair shaft.  

The conditioner is also a dual-purpose product. It works as both a daily conditioner and a hair mask.

To use it as a repairing hair mask, apply a generous amount to dry hair before shampooing. Then, leave the conditioner for thirty minutes before rinsing off and commencing with your shampooing routine. If your hair is extremely dry or split, warm the product slightly or cover it with a processing cap for deeper penetration.


Damage control!

If your hair is damaged, you will need an intense conditioner to provide your hair with the support it needs to reduce additional deterioration. Your best bet is Kimtrue's Silky Smooth Conditioner with Lanolin.

It has a quick penetration and absorption rate to breathe life into your hair! It's also safe to use on color-treated hair.

It's formulated with amino acids and moisturizing ingredients to nourish the hair deeply. Lanolin, Squalene, and Hydrolized keratin will penetrate deep into the hair shaft to restore hydration and repair structural damage. It also contains Royal Jelly to increase shine and luster!

If your hair is damaged, it's crucial to keep it moisturized. Keeping it properly hydrated will improve the hair's elasticity, increasing strength and making it less prone to breakage. 


Say hello to soft, healthy hair!

Are you ready to start your hair care journey? It's a process that requires consistency, diligence, and patience! But, it is well worth it!

We hope that this guide will help you jumpstart your journey! Check out our assortment of haircare solutions